About Us

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m the face behind Dashing Embers, formerly known as Amelia Rose Scents. My company is named because of my love of Dachsunds, aka Weiner Dogs! I handmake every item with high quality fragrance to create highly scented, long lasting home fragrance.

In 2018 , me, my husband Mark & our 3 children left behind our childhood home of Bridlington UK, a seaside town on the East Yorkshire coast, to move 135 miles across the country to Wigan for his work and the start of our new chapter. I’ve always loved wax melts but I could never find any that were very long lasting, strong or eco friendly. The seed was planted whilst packing up melts for moving and I realised just how many melts I had and how much plastic there was and from that seed, big acorns grew! In August 2021 we packed our bags & left the UK again for Marks work to move to Canada and our journey continues.

We are an Eco conscious house and I wanted to keep that in mind when making melts. I’ve spent a lot of time researching, testing & sourcing only the best items that fit my ethos and principles. All our wax melts, candles & diffusers are vegan friendly, cruelty free & ethical. We use recycled paper and card for packaging as well was paper tape and stickers. Our melts are packaged in rPP clams or glassine. Glassine packaging is biodegradable, compostable & recyclable. rPP is recycled polypropylene & is as environmentally friendly as you can get for clamshells.

All wax products are made from 100% soy which is a natural wax. I use bioglitter, a natural and plant-derived polymer material, as it’s basis that are proven to biodegrade in the natural environment.

I love nothing more then burning melts and trying new fragrances out. I love what I do and I hope you do to .